openHab and openHabian

I decided it was time to fiddle with openHab. In short, this is an open source home automation system. I had a spare Raspberry pi 2 sitting around, and at first loaded openHab on it. I didn’t understand what was going on, so I then just reflashed the device with openHabian. I now realize I Read More

Health Care Cost Fix

Lionel Richie was on CNBC yesterday talking about HEAL, a healthcare startup that can fix our ever rising healthcare costs. I remember hearing about HEAL about a year earlier on CNBC and back then I didn’t understand how it would survive. HEAL is about home visits from a doctor. Like it was in the old Read More

Restrict Access to a WordPress Website

I just finished a project where there was a fairly unique request, the client wanted: Restrict access to the website (site B) a WordPress site, to everyone EXCEPT those sent from the primary website (site A) not a WordPress site Once on this website (site B), freely traverse the internal pages. This seems straight forward Read More

Smart Watch Review

I am a tech loving person. I’ve had zero desire for a smart watch. Why? Mainly because I don’t want another thing to charge. But I don’t need music on my wrist. I don’t (think) I need texts on my wrist. I don’t (think) I need to talk on my phone via my wrist. Recently Read More