Google Hypocrisy

It wasn’t that long ago that we learned Google would withdraw from a competition to work with the US DOD. This could have been a huge income generator. Apparently too many employees at Google felt it was wrong for them to work for the DOD. Now Google is telling us the “benefits” of censored search Read More

Sports and Politics

I just watched a segment on Fox Sports that spent at least 5 minutes talking about former President Obama and current President Trump. Folks: I want my sports politics free. This has gotten ridiculous. It’s bad enough I have to selectively listen to musicians I like…those who feel they must speak their mind about politics. Read More

Home Adviser Radio Ad

I have 2 dogs that, at times, will be allowed inside to chill. All too often, when they are crashed on their big dog pillow thing and I’m elbow deep in work…the Home Adviser radio ad comes on. This seems innocent enough…right? The problem is, the commercial ends with a doorbell chime. Like clock work Read More

openHab Good Bye

A few months back I stumbled upon openHab, an open source home automation system. Here is the post I wrote about openHab. It has been a few months. I setup openHab on a Rasberry Pi device. That was fairly straight forward. I went with Z-Wave bulbs/devices and setup went pretty well. If you are looking Read More

Alexa is Listening

The latest rage in the news is to talk about this family that had their conversation recorded by Alexa, then emailed to someone in a contact list. On the surface this sound: crazy, rediculous…OUTRAGEOUS!! But wait, they had something in their home that is continuously monitoring everything that is said? (they actually had multiple Alexa Read More