Red Robin Lays an Egg

I just ate at Red Robin burgers for the first time in about…10 years. Probably the last time, too. It is interesting when a place promotes endless XYZ. First, I got the endless chips, my son the endless fries. They brought us both fries (cold). While my burger was tasty, the bun just fell apart. Read More

My Dad’s Best Friend

What follows may have no opinion…I’m not sure. Best I can recall, I’ve seen my father cry twice. Once when his mother died. Again, when his best friend recently died. I never really thought of my father as having a best friend. Growing up, there was a family that either visited us or we visited Read More

Streaming TV

About 2 years ago I started using Directv Now. I tested it for a few months, then realizing at $35 per month it was a solid replacement for the cable service I was using, which cost about $130. Did I miss cable? A little. It really is hard to replace a true DVR. Pausing live Read More

How to setup reverse DNS on Azure VM

First, I’ll start with a tangent – I greatly dislike the new editor in WordPress. So I recently decided to move a cPanel based web server to Azure. More specifically, the host I had used for a number of years was slowly getting worse. Support, performance, everything slowly getting worse. Just to upgrade to server Read More

Back to Leave It To Beaver

There was a prim and proper time…a prude (?) time…many years ago. Leave It To Beaver. My Three Sons. Adam 12. The Andy Griffith Show. The Brady Bunch. The Dick Van Dyke Show. Gilligan’s Island. Oh yes, there are more. What do these shows represent? A more conservative time. Straight laced. Prude. There has been Read More