What Happened to the Wunderground App

I’ve been a Wunderground app user for a long time. Yes, I’m an Android phone user. Wunderground historically has been a great weather (WX) app. I specifically liked the detailed 3 day WX widget. Heck, I even paid for the “pro” version of the app. Somewhere around 6 months ago things began to change. The Read More

Those Rednecks in Georgia

All you hear about in the news is how those rednecks in Georgia want to open the tattoo parlors and hair salons and bowling alleys at great risk during this pandemic. It is worth noting in the Governor’s order () the list of businesses to reopen starts with: Medical Practices, Dental Practices, Orthodontics Practices, and Read More

Rock Stars Can Sure Disappoint

I haven’t had too many brushes with fame on the rock star side of things. Only two I can recall. Neither went well. About 10 years ago, with my family, we were walking through the Dallas-Ft Worth airport. As we strolled by the airport barber I looked in and saw… Huey Lewis. “Darling, Huey Lewis Read More

Synology NAS and Wyze Cam

I’ve written before that I’m a fan of the Synology NAS. As a hybrid RAID NAS it is awesome. Yes, it is apparent that support has been trimmed over the last few years, but not necessarily the quality of support. One of the cool things about Synology is the operating system has all sorts of Read More

The NAS to beat all NAS

NAS = network area storage. There are a variety of NAS brands out there. You can fiddle with Raid 1,2,x You can store stuff in other peoples cloud. Or you get something like the Synology NAS. Is it perfect? No. I have 2 units that I use. I’ve installed about half a dozen others. The Read More