How to setup reverse DNS on Azure VM

First, I’ll start with a tangent – I greatly dislike the new editor in WordPress. So I recently decided to move a cPanel based web server to Azure. More specifically, the host I had used for a number of years was slowly getting worse. Support, performance, everything slowly getting worse. Just to upgrade to server Read More

Taming the ADS-Beast

Oh yes, I came up with that title while cleaning some goo out of my smoker…just made some tasty ribs. Anyhow, in general aviation, ADS-B is a thing…a looming thing. My current setup is this – GNS430 (not WAAS), old King transponder, Aspen 1000 unit that receives XM WX. I’ve been looking at what to Read More

Medication ingredients and Celiac

I have a friend with celiac. This friend was given some migraine medication. There was an ingredient cross reference run on the EHR to ensure no wheat was in the medication. Still, my friend got very ill after taking the medication. After a closer look, the medication did have wheat in it…as an inactive ingredient. Read More