Back to Leave It To Beaver

There was a prim and proper time…a prude (?) time…many years ago. Leave It To Beaver. My Three Sons. Adam 12. The Andy Griffith Show. The Brady Bunch. The Dick Van Dyke Show. Gilligan’s Island. Oh yes, there are more. What do these shows represent? A more conservative time. Straight laced. Prude. There has been Read More

Amazon Fire Stick vs Fire Cube

I’ve had an Amazon Fire Stick for not quite a year now. I’ve also had a Roku and Chromecast. I’m not really a fan of the Chromecast. I like the Roku. I only got the fire as part of a “deal” for when I signed up for DirecTV Now. –Quick Aside– I really like DirecTV Read More

Keezel Fail

Not sure if you’ve heard of the Keezel. No, not the exercise, the electronic device. It is basically a travel router. A nice travel router. It has VPN capability. I bought it as I want these things, and my travel router at the time was…old. I’ve had my Keezel about a year. It works about Read More

Google Hypocrisy

It wasn’t that long ago that we learned Google would withdraw from a competition to work with the US DOD. This could have been a huge income generator. Apparently too many employees at Google felt it was wrong for them to work for the DOD. Now Google is telling us the “benefits” of censored search Read More

Sports and Politics

I just watched a segment on Fox Sports that spent at least 5 minutes talking about former President Obama and current President Trump. Folks: I want my sports politics free. This has gotten ridiculous. It’s bad enough I have to selectively listen to musicians I like…those who feel they must speak their mind about politics. Read More