My Flowbee Died

Yes, I’m a flowbee user. I also cut my boys’ hair usually. I believe it was 1998 when I first purchased the beauty. I was in the military and had to get my hair cut every 2 week. I didn’t like the barbers on base and stumbled across the flowbee. Since owning the flowbee, I’ve Read More

Adobe Elements Stinks

I’m rather tech savvy. I’m rather tolerant and tend to try to make things work. I’ve tried to make Adobe Elements 8.0 work for a solid month, and I’m done. Note: all the Apple juice drinkers realize that I desire a windows solution, I do not desire to move to a Mac to solve this Read More

Site converted from blogger to wordpress

I’ve moved the site from to a hosted wordpress site. I just like having more control over things. WordPress with Thesis is a great way to go. Notice I haven’t moved any of the previous posts…I’m not real concerned about that, but may move them if I discover some time.