Amy Winehouse dead, Surprised?

It is a shame when talented people lack common sense or control or restraint…whatever you want to call it. Amy Winehouse had one heck of a voice. I don’t know what all was wrong with her, but sort of like the housing bubble getting larger and larger, it was painfully obvious from afar that Amy Read More

Neflix Sucks…Again

I’ve had a love hate relationship with Netflix over the years. I first started using Netflix in the late 1990’s while in the military and station in Germany. At that time, you couldn’t rent DVD’s in Germany, at least not English language DVD’s. We had two options: buy DVD’s or rent via Netflix. Since our Read More

Too Fat to Fly

It has been interesting to watch over the years how complacent airlines are toward fat people. Airlines for years seem to have been (and still seem to be) afraid to charge fat people who roll over into another seat extra. This, while they are happy to nickle and dime me to death. It seems that Read More

The 269 Million Dollar Bill

Leave it to bureaucrats to screw things up. Leave it to bureaucrats to not see the bigger picture. “The state says that Amazon is responsible for the tax it has not collected on online sales made in Texas. The $269 million includes the taxes, plus penalties and interest, from 2005 to 2009. The state is Read More

Text to Speach Texting

Yesterday a client with an iPhone asked me how to get his phone to respond to voice commands. I wasn’t sure, but after fiddling for a few minutes we got it. Then someone chimed in about voice recognition for texting. Huh? I grabbed my Android phone and gave it a shot. Wow. Next thing you Read More