Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

I already mentioned earlier that I had to replace my Moto-X ahead of schedule due to a drop that shattered the screen. With that event heavy on my mind, I immediately purchased a screen protector for my new Samsung Galaxy S8. I got one of those tempered glass protectors versions. I didn’t like it. It Read More

Amazon Taking Over the World

Remember the movie Wall-E? If not, the trailer is below. The movie is about a robot with feelings. What I see is the sedentary lifestyle of the humans of the future. We are moving in that direction…we need to be careful. Amazon is helping move us in that direction. Don’t get me wrong…I use Amazon. Read More

Flu Shots, I hate shots

Yep, I hate getting shots. I know it doesn’t hurt…but…there’s just something about it. I recently had a physical, and the doc said something that makes complete sense, yet I’d never thought of it. First, he said ask for the “quad” flu shot. It has 4 virus types in it. This increases the chance of Read More

Social Media Lords and their Censoring

While I don’t believe this has to be said…it apparently has to be said or people will squawk: White supremacist groups are idiots and fools. The Antifa folks are idiots and fools. Ok? Really, I don’t give a hoot if those two groups go out into some field and take care of each other. But Read More