Lyft Screw Job

I’m not sure what others think, but getting picked up at an airport by a ride share is a royal pain. I do it rather frequently and think I have it figured out, but I don’t. Recently in the ATL I had another wonderful experience. At the ATL they have just setup a new rideshare Read More

Non-chain hotels

Sometimes you want to support the “little guy”. Sometime you have no option. Either way, twice now, in the span of a few months I’ve reserved rooms at non-chain hotels. Twice now I’ve had to change said reservations. Twice now I’ve lost a lot of $$ since they don’t have the capability to save a Read More

Video Conference to your TV

Given what’s going on right now, the ability to do a video conference is quite important. Whatever your favorite flavor: Skype, Zoom, Teams, GoToWebinar…or any of the others, being able to run these through your “smart” TV should be super simple. I’m here to tell you…it is not. Let me give a caveat: if you Read More

US Tennis Pipeline is clogging up

Historically, during major tennis tournaments (Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open, US Open) invariably the announcers bring up the topic of the US men’s tennis pipeline. How weak it is. Let’s think about this for a moment…looking at most sports, the primary pipeline for talent is…college. This is the same for men’s tennis. But – in Read More