I’m not sure what others think, but getting picked up at an airport by a ride share is a royal pain.
I do it rather frequently and think I have it figured out, but I don’t.

Recently in the ATL I had another wonderful experience.
At the ATL they have just setup a new rideshare area.
It ain’t easy to find.
It ain’t where it used to be.
It was a small disaster.

It was crowded.
It was late.

I got notified my driver was there.
He wasn’t.
I messaged, he’s in line.
Yet the app says he’s leaving in 4 minutes…nice.

Finally got picked up.
Later I see there was a 500% surcharge.
Yes 500%.
ZERO notification in the app.

Total BS.

I went into the app to dispute and they are instantly ready to refund about half of that charge.

Watch yourselves out there.

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