I’ve been a Wunderground app user for a long time.
Yes, I’m an Android phone user.
Wunderground historically has been a great weather (WX) app.

I specifically liked the detailed 3 day WX widget.

Heck, I even paid for the “pro” version of the app.

Somewhere around 6 months ago things began to change.
The app started running slow.
Then the widgets all went away.

With each update I hope the good widget will return.
I have now given up.

For some time I’ve been using Windy on my desktop.
I have it on my iPad, but still prefer MyRadar for iPad.

I decided to look at Windy for Android.


Real nice 3-day WX widget.

Still not the biggest fan of their radar depiction, but as an overall WX app, Windy is now my go-to.

One thought on “What Happened to the Wunderground App
  1. cfaber says:

    IBM bought them and well, IBMed it.

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