I haven’t had too many brushes with fame on the rock star side of things.

Only two I can recall.

Neither went well.

About 10 years ago, with my family, we were walking through the Dallas-Ft Worth airport.
As we strolled by the airport barber I looked in and saw…
Huey Lewis.

“Darling, Huey Lewis is in there!”

About then he came strolling out.

Not 6 foot 3 as I thought, but closer to 5 foot 8.

My wife with our 6-year-old approached him and asked for an autograph.

I stayed back.

He turned gave my wife a scowl.
Looked at the little kid with a glare,
signed the paper and moved on.


Dude, you’re getting your haircut in the airport barber, you’ve been out of the limelight for years and you can’t be nice to a fan???

Today I saw a guy that looked just like Mike Mills (REM Bass player).
I started to approach him, but just wasn’t quite sure. He was alone, nobody seemed to notice him, which also made me second guess.
We got on the train to baggage claim and I finally was sure it was him.

He was alone…still.
Nobody around him.
Nobody looking at him.

I approached and said “you look a lot like Mike Mills”.
He looked at me and said “I’ve heard that before”…and stared at me.
Awkward pause…I almost walked off.
I then said, “Is that because you are Mike Mills?”
“Yes” he said.
I then mentioned I was a fan and that I’d seen him play with Robert McDuffie, a concert violinist and childhood friend of his.

I then asked if I could get a picture.

“No, I’ve had a long day” he said.

I’d been on planes for the last 12 hours myself.
It didn’t look like he was being swamped with fans.

Yea, rock stars can surely disappoint.

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