Video Conference to your TV

Given what’s going on right now, the ability to do a video conference is quite important. Whatever your favorite flavor: Skype, Zoom, Teams, GoToWebinar…or any of the others, being able to run these through your “smart” TV should be super simple. I’m here to tell you…it is not. Let me give a caveat: if you Read More

US Tennis Pipeline is clogging up

Historically, during major tennis tournaments (Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open, US Open) invariably the announcers bring up the topic of the US men’s tennis pipeline. How weak it is. Let’s think about this for a moment…looking at most sports, the primary pipeline for talent is…college. This is the same for men’s tennis. But – in Read More

What Happened to the Wunderground App

I’ve been a Wunderground app user for a long time. Yes, I’m an Android phone user. Wunderground historically has been a great weather (WX) app. I specifically liked the detailed 3 day WX widget. Heck, I even paid for the “pro” version of the app. Somewhere around 6 months ago things began to change. The Read More

Those Rednecks in Georgia

All you hear about in the news is how those rednecks in Georgia want to open the tattoo parlors and hair salons and bowling alleys at great risk during this pandemic. It is worth noting in the Governor’s order () the list of businesses to reopen starts with: Medical Practices, Dental Practices, Orthodontics Practices, and Read More