Amazon Fire Cube vs Roku

You might remember by my earlier post called Amazon Fire Stick vs. Roku. I’ve been running an Amazon Fire cube now for about 6 months. It is fine. I noticed pixelation often, especially during sports. I’m also not a fan of the Cube having Alexa listening, even though I have Alexa disabled. I am still Read More

Anger Drives Out Reason

Watching CNBC this morning and Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway was asked about our government. His response was basically, there is too much hate out there. “Anger drives out reason” he said, followed by “that’s why I don’t get angry at politicians”. It would be nice if people out there would drop their hate and Read More

Bird Scooters vs Lyft Scooters

I’ve been grumbling the last few months about the litter on the streets called electric scooters. The whole concept of leave them anywhere is a problem. Yet, I just used one for the first time. For some reason I chose Bird. These are pretty cool and fit specific transportation needs, for sure. I rode for Read More

Elon Musk Robo Taxi Promise

Look here, another promise by Elon Musk. Anyone think this will actually happen? Interesting how things that could be automated much more easily (buses, trains, mail delivery) are not tried first. Maybe there is no glamour in those things. Musk has a knack for making crazy promises. My believe is he is trying to distract Read More

Red Robin Lays an Egg

I just ate at Red Robin burgers for the first time in about…10 years. Probably the last time, too. It is interesting when a place promotes endless XYZ. First, I got the endless chips, my son the endless fries. They brought us both fries (cold). While my burger was tasty, the bun just fell apart. Read More