NAS = network area storage.

There are a variety of NAS brands out there.

You can fiddle with Raid 1,2,x

You can store stuff in other peoples cloud.

Or you get something like the Synology NAS.

Is it perfect?

I have 2 units that I use.
I’ve installed about half a dozen others.

The most recent client was chugging along nicely until a user decided to clean up their “desktop”.
This Mac user went on to delete all of the 170 folders and 200,000 files contained within.

It took a few days of confusion for the office to contact me.

Panic had set in.

I was able to go into their Version Explorer and pinpoint exactly when the deletion happened.
I was about 2 weeks ago.
Then, with a few clicks BLAMO, data restored.

I like that you can also setup your own personal cloud using a Synology NAS.
I use my cloud all the time…not someone else’s cloud.

Is Synology perfect? No. Another client had some weird reboot activity.
After contacting support they send a replacement device.
This was 2 years after purchase.

So, if you are looking to get a network storage device, you need to give Synology a close look.

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