I’ve written before that I’m a fan of the Synology NAS.
As a hybrid RAID NAS it is awesome.
Yes, it is apparent that support has been trimmed over the last few years, but not necessarily the quality of support.

One of the cool things about Synology is the operating system has all sorts of apps you can add.

One that I’ve been trying to use, and unable to, over the years is Surveillance Station.
This is the Synology security camera management app.
They say they are compatible with any ONVIF camera.
I’ve proven that to be not true (not on purpose).

Frustrated with the camera selection I shelved that idea for a while a bought a low end “traditional” wifi security camera system.
It has been OK.
Not great, but works.

Not long ago I discovered that Wyze put out a firmware update that allowed the use of RTSP streams.
This is somewhat of a universal standard like ONVIF.
While I don’t know much about these two, my understanding is ONVIF is better, but I’m not sure why.

Anyhow, since Wyze cameras are under $30 I bought 2 to test whether I could connect a Wyze cam to Synology Surveillance Station.

The short answer is YES you can.
It appears to work great.

A quick outline on how to do it:
Update your Surveillance System to the latest release.
Follow the directions for updating your Wyze cam firmware – don’t forget to rename the file.

After the firmware update you will go into advanced settings on each camera and turn RTSP on.
Give a un/pwd and you’ll get an RTSP “link”.
Take that to you Surveillance Station.
Add IP Camera.
Select User Defined.
Now you’ll have a place to put that RSTP link.
I didn’t change any other options.
BOOM – it works.

I’m thrilled because this has been a long saga, and the Wyze cameras are inexpensive and high quality.

IF you already have a Synology NAS, this becomes a bargain security camera system.

If you don’t have a Synology NAS, this becomes a slightly expensive security camera system that can also be all the other things a Synology NAS can be like a file server, private cloud, backup device, etc….

a few things to note:
Once you add the RTSP “side load” to your Wyze camera, the camera(s) still function normally with the Wyze app.
At the same time, the camera works as expected with the Synology NAS app.
This is really great.

A downside I discovered, and something that has never come up in the multiple years I’ve been using Synology devices: There is a license fee per camera once you go over 2 cameras.
It is about $50 per camera for the lifetime.
I must say, I find this rather annoying, mostly because this license requirement is not mentioned anywhere until you search in the help area.
Another goofy thing is it appears there is no instead license purchase. Instead, buy online, wait for delivery license, then input.
In the end, with the added cost, this is still quite the system.

2 thoughts on “Synology NAS and Wyze Cam
  1. Dan says:

    I did not see any RTSP link on my iPhone Wyze app. How do turn this on? Trying to set up Wyze cam with my Synology.

  2. TheOpinion says:

    go to the link in the blog post and load the new firmware. once you do this it is in the advanced section. I use Android so it may be in a different place.

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