So, you might remember my past tome on OpenHab.

I dropped OpenHab due to its overly complex operations for Wink and its simpler operation.

Remember, in general, complex = powerful, easy = plain-jane

I’ve used the Wink now for a year.

It is a solid device.

My big hangup with it is:

  • Doesn’t recognize Aeotec Multi-Sensor 6
  • Slow

For the most part, the Wink works just fine.

I like that is recognizes generic z-wave devices, since for the OpenHab, I had purchased the cheapest zwave bulbs I could find.

Why do I care about the Sensor 6?

Well, this sensor grabs the following:

  • Temp
  • Humidity
  • Illuminance
  • Motion
  • a few other things I don’t recall

My grand plan is to have my lights go off when there is a certain amount of light that exists AND come on if the light diminished due to a storm or similar.

OpenHab could do this, but was complicated.
Wink can’t do this.

Fine.  No big deal.

Maybe it is.

I just bought the latest SmartThings hub.

SmartThings can do what I want.

SmartThings is more advanced than Wink, which brings some complexity, but not much.

SmartThings also has more “community” involvement, which, in the end, I think is important.

Part of that community involvement is Action Tiles.  I’ll get into this once I actually dive into it later.

Be warned, switching is a pain.

One negative I discovered, is SmartThings doesn’t do generic z-wave.

So, I have 5 bulbs that I can’t use with the new hub.

I’ve ordered compatible bulbs, so there is that.

Otherwise, I’m liking SmartThings better than Wink.

Wink is good, basic, simple.

I just wanted a little more capability.



So I just discovered 2 things…not sure if I missed them before or….

For generic z-wave, there is an option, I don’t see it listed when you try to add a new device, but I did see generic z-wave when you look at General/Supported Devices.

BUT if you go to add a new device then search generic, generic z-wave will show up.
I haven’t tried it yet…I now have half a dozen z-wave bulbs with which to test.

Also, not sure how/why/when this popped up, but under Automations/Add Automation there are recommended automations. No clue the logic of these showing up, but eventually one showed up called Smart Lighting.

Smart Lighting is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

Lots of options to trigger action.

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