I’ve been grumbling the last few months about the litter on the streets called electric scooters.

The whole concept of leave them anywhere is a problem.

Yet, I just used one for the first time.

For some reason I chose Bird.
These are pretty cool and fit specific transportation needs, for sure.

I rode for about a mile.
Specifically .9 miles @ 9 minutes

Cost? $3.93.

The return trip was slightly different:
1 mile @ 12 minutes
Cost = $4.87

Not as cheap as I thought.

The next day I did the same with another person who used the Lyft while I used Bird again.
Went 1.3 miles each way, 16 minutes.
Bird cost was $6.14.
Lyft cost was about half this much.

Guess which I’ll use next time?

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