About 2 years ago I started using Directv Now.
I tested it for a few months, then realizing at $35 per month it was a solid replacement for the cable service I was using, which cost about $130.

Did I miss cable?

A little.

It really is hard to replace a true DVR. Pausing live TV. Fast forwarding through commercials. All those channels.

Directv Now can pause live TV…sort of. It isn’t 100%.
Directv Now has DVR recording. You generally can’t fast forward, though.
Channels? Well, nothing local, but overall, good enough.

Good enough that is, until the price increases got out of control.

2 years ago, $35 per month.
Today my package is $65.
Lowest price package is $50.

It is out of control.

Now I’m looking to switch.

I do believe Sling is the answer.
The channels I want.
The price I like.

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