Not sure if you’ve heard of the Keezel.

No, not the exercise, the electronic device.

It is basically a travel router.

A nice travel router.

It has VPN capability.

I bought it as I want these things, and my travel router at the time was…old.

I’ve had my Keezel about a year.
It works about 20% of the time.

I had to factor reset it multiple times.
I had to send it back to the factory.

When it works, it does work well.
But, their VPN setup, while plentiful, has issues.

For some reason there is no ability to setup your own private VPN via OpenVPN or similar.
Yes, you can buy another Keezel and create a Keezel to Keezel VPN, but that requires buying another Keezel.

If I were thrilled with my original Keezel, I might consider it.

It is rather sad.

I’m testing another travel router that does have OpenVPN capability, that costs under $50.
I’ll report here when I have some results.

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