I’ve had an Amazon Fire Stick for not quite a year now.
I’ve also had a Roku and Chromecast.
I’m not really a fan of the Chromecast.
I like the Roku.
I only got the fire as part of a “deal” for when I signed up for DirecTV Now.
–Quick Aside–
I really like DirecTV Now.
It isn’t perfect.
It is about a 90% solution.
I did drop cable TV about 3 months ago and haven’t missed it.
Local news? I never watch it.
Sports? Some challenges there, but I added an HDTV antenna and pull that out the few times a month I need it.
Otherwise…I pay a lot less for TV now.
–Aside Over–
Historically I really like Roku.
It does a nice job of what it does.
Having had the Fire Stick for a while, my main complaint is the slow speed.
Some of the video on DirecTV Now is grainy, but nothing bad.
Why not use the Roku?
Well, I’ve kind of gotten used to the Fire TV interface and like it.
With a recent price drop in the Fire Cube, I thought I might upgrade the Fire TV hardware.
If you compare, the Cube has a faster CPU and more ram.
It also has Alexa built in, but I’m no fan of her, so she is not only disabled, but muted and mic(s) on top are covered to minimize any unintended listening.
Anyway, setup was rather easy.
I had to sign into the various services again.
Oddly, Amazon Prime shows didn’t remember what episode I was on.
Seems odd.
HBO Go did a fine job of remembering.
Anyhoo, the performance of the Cube vs the Stick is noticeable.
The Cube is faster.
The Cube’s picture is far better.
DirecTV Now is much faster (one of my primary complaints).
Overall, the Cube is a worthy upgrade.
Would I have paid full price for the Cube?
Probably not, but the about half off price I paid was worth it.

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