A few months back I stumbled upon openHab, an open source home automation system.
Here is the post I wrote about openHab.

It has been a few months.

I setup openHab on a Rasberry Pi device.
That was fairly straight forward.

I went with Z-Wave bulbs/devices and setup went pretty well.

If you are looking for home automation…and want to get real involved, then openHab may be for you.

I’m very tech savvy.

I write code.

I stuck with openHab for a few months.

Now I’ve left.

Unfortunately the “community” reminds me of the community for drupal “back in the day”.

I left the drupal as I felt the community was…hmm…reluctantly helpful.

I’ve just left openHab for the same reason.

To really use openHab you need to do some fairly serious coding.
My desire was not to create a whole other world in which I need to spend lots of time.

I want simplicity.

So, I ordered a Wink hub.

Is it perfect?

I have many Aeotec items (z-wave).
They have to be added as generic z-wave device.
This is fine, it works.

And that’s just it.

In under 30 minutes the Wink is up, running and programmed.

openHab was still a work in progress and if we had a power blip and the device rebooted…well…that’s about 5 minutes of fiddling to get it all going again.

I’ve moved on from openHab to Wink.

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