The latest rage in the news is to talk about this family that had their conversation recorded by Alexa, then emailed to someone in a contact list.

On the surface this sound: crazy, rediculous…OUTRAGEOUS!!

But wait, they had something in their home that is continuously monitoring everything that is said?
(they actually had multiple Alexa devices in the home)
And this thing was also connected to, at least, one of their phones?

Now someone is surprised that his has happened?

Come on folks…if you put a microphone in your home, have it always listen, connect it to multiple devices giving it the ability to send emails and/or texts…well…let’s just calm down a bit.

I have an Alexa.
My wife bought it.
I hate it.
I always press the mute button.
I don’t trust the damn thing.
Yet, it is good for music…nothing else that I care about on it.

A moral to this story is: the more “people” you let into your home, the higher the chances of there being a mishap.

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