For any of you who have or had a business, you are surely familiar with the constant phone calls you receive from companies that can place you on the first page of Google.

I just received one for an old company I had.

After speaking with them for a few moments, I clarified that I had no interest in them doing anything for me.

The call ended with the gal asking if I knew of anyone else who might be interested.
I don’t know, I just find that funny.

Just after hanging up go a text message that says:
You agree to
purchase services
from 411 Locals for
$1 non-refundable
setup fee. $149.99
monthly fee is due
in 30 days. Terms at

Well, now you are just pissing me off.

The boiler room setup this place obviously runs made it difficult to hear the person who called. Not to mention her accent was rather thick, which didn’t help in the process.

If I were going to use a service for placement on Google, this wouldn’t be it, nor would it be the way I’d find said company.

FYI, that shortened link above just goes to the 411 Locals web page.

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