Restrict Access to a WordPress Website

I just finished a project where there was a fairly unique request, the client wanted: Restrict access to the website (site B) a WordPress site, to everyone EXCEPT those sent from the primary website (site A) not a WordPress site Once on this website (site B), freely traverse the internal pages. This seems straight forward Read More

Smart Watch Review

I am a tech loving person. I’ve had zero desire for a smart watch. Why? Mainly because I don’t want another thing to charge. But I don’t need music on my wrist. I don’t (think) I need texts on my wrist. I don’t (think) I need to talk on my phone via my wrist. Recently Read More

Crowd Sourced Products

I’ve now purchased 4 items from crowd source sites like Indie Go Go and Kickstarter. Of the 4 I’ve received 3…still waiting on that third. None of them have come out on time. These experiences really bring home the saying that ideas are easy…doing is hard. Each of these products has re-learned this lesson…each…time. While Read More