Good Handling of Customer Feedback

So I recently made a post about staying at fancy hotels and how I feel like they nick-and-dime you to death. One thing they tend to do very well is customer service. As I usually do, I filled out a survey about my recent stay. I mentioned that, upon arrival at our room, there was Read More

Fancy Hotels Suck

I’m a card carrying cheap skate. Yet, I’m willing to spend…if it’s worth it. I’ve noticed over time that the more expensive a hotel is…the more the nickel-and-dime you. What’s up with that? I pay plenty for a room and: > pay too much for Wi-Fi > have not coffee maker in the room > Read More

United in Leggings

Everyone needs to take a collected deep breath. And out. So, United Airlines barred a few young ladies from flying as they were dressed inappropriately. What was inappropriate? Leggings. Now, if these young ladies were paying customers…I can see a problem. But… Theses were not paying customers. They were privileged pass riders. Pass rider is Read More

Fake News Version 2

NOTE: this is not a political post. Yes, if you desire, you could make that argument, but it is not. This is about mis information and how it is incumbent on YOU to sift through the BS to figure out what is real…or at least, what is a bogus argument. So, I get it that Read More

FedEx Guy Saves Flag

The world these days is overly sensitive. People get offended way too easily. Being offended is a choice. You have to try real hard to offend me. But, burn the flag and you’ll be on the fast track. Those that burn the flag of the USA are cowards. They like to claim they are expressing Read More