I already mentioned earlier that I had to replace my Moto-X ahead of schedule due to a drop that shattered the screen.

With that event heavy on my mind, I immediately purchased a screen protector for my new Samsung Galaxy S8.

I got one of those tempered glass protectors versions.
I didn’t like it.
It didn’t sit flush with the screen, had an air gap that would click and it didn’t play well with my very basic case.

I think the curved screen gives the tempered glass protectors trouble.

So I tried a AmorSuit screen protector.

I’ve been using it now for about 3 weeks and really like it.

It was easy to put on. It is an adhesive, but you spray a liquid on that makes it easy to perfectly adjust and get any air bubbles out.
It is super thin and does not interfere with a case.

It is not as super slick as glass alone, but it doesn’t bother me.

I’ve not dropped my phone, so I don’t have any real world drop testing to report, but I feel confident this is solid.

Whatever you choose, get a screen protector.

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