Remember the movie Wall-E? If not, the trailer is below.

The movie is about a robot with feelings. What I see is the sedentary lifestyle of the humans of the future. We are moving in that direction…we need to be careful.

Amazon is helping move us in that direction.
Don’t get me wrong…I use Amazon.

But not to a ridiculous level.

What is ridiculous?
So much that you desire to use their new Amazon Key service?
Yep, you just gave Amazon the key to your house.
It is paired with an Amazon “security” camera.
Somewhat like the fox guarding the hen house.

They already have a microphone in your home to listen…now someone can walk in.

Sure, there will be safeguards…but….

Don’t fret, I understand the logic and how it makes sense vs. leaving a box by the front door, but there are other solutions vs. just letting Amazon into your home…further.

Wall-E the movie

Amazon Key Trailer

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