I’m an Android person when it comes to phones.
I do have 2 iPads, but no iPhone.

I’ve been using a Moto X for the last few years and like it.
But it was getting long in the tooth, so I started looking around.
While I see the Galaxy as a nice phone, I’ve tried to avoid the Galaxy interface.

I really like the look of the LG V30, and getting one was the plan.

That is, until I dropped my X and shattered the screen.

The V30 isn’t out yet, so I got an S8.

I like it a lot.

People seem to complain about the fingerprint scanner location.

While centered and below the camera lens makes a lot more sense, it isn’t there.

But, what I’ve discovered is this: it isn’t a terrible stretch with your right hand to get to that scanner.
No, it isn’t real natural, but not terrible.
My answer is this: I have the index finger from both hands in the system.
It is very natural to use my left hand to unlock the phone.
This works just fine.
I also have the design unlock enabled so if my phone is laying down, I can use that method vs. pick up the phone.

So, in short, not the best design, but no problem to deal with

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