So I recently made a post about staying at fancy hotels and how I feel like they nick-and-dime you to death.

One thing they tend to do very well is customer service.

As I usually do, I filled out a survey about my recent stay.

I mentioned that, upon arrival at our room, there was someone in the room.
I opened the door, heard someone, and saw a bag.
I immediately closed the door and began to call the front desk.
Then a woman appeared in the hotel uniform and mumbled something about “nobody told me the room was booked…”
She looked like housekeeping, though didn’t have a cart, only a small-ish bag.
I entered and looked around and concluded she must have been housekeeping. There was a vacuum in the closet, so….

Today I received a call from that hotel’s security.

The person said they read my input and investigated.
There was some sort of mix up with housekeeping, but as he said, the person should have been more clear about the situation.

I agreed, hoping I might get a discount after the fact, but I didn’t.

But, this is how you handle customer issues – head on, no hiding from the problem.

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