I’m not a big boycott person.

I listen to music by those for whom I may not agree with their politics and lifestyles.

I watch movies/TV with those for whom I may not agree with their politics and lifestyles.

Yet, with the ridiculous amount of anger in the USA right now about a politician…and allowing that anger to lead to idiotic actions…well, we have a problem.

It is one thing to not like a politician (who actually likes politicians?).
It is an entirely other thing to hate…especially from a group of people for whom inclusiveness is held at such high regard.

The Shakespeare in the part in NYC is merely the latest example of this.
Seriously folks? We need to slip Trump in there?

No class.

American Express also as no class by not clarifying to these clowns that what they did is NOT all right.

AMEX continues to fund that buffoonery.

I’ve decided to stop using AMEX.
It won’t be immediate as I have many different venders on the card.
I also need to get another card, a process I’ve started.

Interestingly, AMEX called me yesterday to try a new card. I told them I wouldn’t, and why.
The nice lady offered me 100,000 points on the card.
Nope, sorry I don’t want any part of American Express.

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