Car Door Locks Won’t Turn

I have a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquise that doesn’t get driven much. While it does have remote door unlock, since the car doesn’t get driven much, I disconnect the battery. Hence, I must use the old fashioned key to unlock the door initially. Last time I drove it I couldn’t get the key to turn. Read More

Masterbuilt Smoker Trips Breaker

So I’ve had my Masterbuilt electric smoker for a good 3 years. If you’ve searched for this post, you don’t need to be told that…yes…an electric smoker works great. Anyhow, I was going to smoke some ribs the other day. Plugged in the smoker, set the time, set the temp and doink! The GFI tripped. Read More

Bye Bye Bye AMEX

I’m not a big boycott person. I listen to music by those for whom I may not agree with their politics and lifestyles. I watch movies/TV with those for whom I may not agree with their politics and lifestyles. Yet, with the ridiculous amount of anger in the USA right now about a politician…and allowing Read More

Gas Company Fees Ridculous

So, it is mid June. I just looked at my May natural gas bill. I used $12.79 worth of natural gas. My bill? $47.18 Huh? Yep. Gas $12.79 “Base Charge” $26.85 Customer Service charge $5.95 Tax $3.09 Customer service charge? Ha. Utilities are raking us over the coals and it stinks.

Good Handling of Customer Feedback

So I recently made a post about staying at fancy hotels and how I feel like they nick-and-dime you to death. One thing they tend to do very well is customer service. As I usually do, I filled out a survey about my recent stay. I mentioned that, upon arrival at our room, there was Read More