Everyone needs to take a collected deep breath.

And out.

So, United Airlines barred a few young ladies from flying as they were dressed inappropriately.

What was inappropriate?


Now, if these young ladies were paying customers…I can see a problem.


Theses were not paying customers.
They were privileged pass riders.

Pass rider is another way of saying FREE.

Generally a pass rider is a relative of a United Airlines employee.

Practically all airlines employees have pass privileges.

With this privilege comes certain standards.
Yep, standards that are higher than paying customers.

So, all of you privileged Twitter stars put a cap on it for a few minutes and think about that for a minute.

As a pass rider, you are expected to know the rules.
You are expected to know what the dress code is.

For the privilege of a free flight, you are expected to follow the higher standards.

If not, just pay for a ticket…it is that simple.

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