I’ve been using WP SlimStat WordPress plugin for some time on multiple sites.

It has been a good plugin…has, or more correctly had been good.

Recently I’ve had multiple issues. It started with websites not coming up and showing an error code that didn’t directly appear to be WP SlimStat, but upon deactivation of the plugin, things got back to normal.

After updating the plugin and giving it a second chance, it has recently been a problem with multiple WordPress sites showing only a blank page.

If you think you have a problem with the WP Slimstat plugin, the quick and easy way to disable it and see is to go into file structure either via cpanel or an ftp program, and go to wp-content/plugins then change the name of the slim stats folder.

This will automatically disable the plugin. If your site now comes up, you’ve found the problem. Next, I would delete the plugin.

I’m tired of screwing with it, so I’m removing WP Slimstat from all of the websites I manage.

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