As I sit here in a hotel room, I see Brian Williams on the TV telling me the news. Really, Mr. Make-It-Up is still telling us the “news”?

How does fake news this happen?

Pretty simple actually.

First, somebody either makes up a news event or selectively plucks a snippet, from real news. This snippet is generally out of context and twists what the real news really is.

Second, multiple “news” sources begin to quote the above. This becomes a layered effect, and each additional layer gives protection from the fake news.

This way, when the fake news is proven fake, the repeating sources can say “what? we just reported what XX said.”

Third, the echo chamber kicks into gear. Social media takes the multiple and various repeating news sources and reposts them on multiple social media sites.

Before anyone really knows what is going on, the fake news is everywhere, and those who only get their daily news from social media and comedy channels end up believing everything they’ve seen in their slim choices for news.

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