Yes. Failed.

Nice try though. I don’t see how these failures get blamed on anyone but

Failure numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 where not ordered together, but seem to somehow be batched together.

These products were ordered on Dec 16, 2016 then theoretically shipped Dec 16. Well, the screen shot below is from Jan 4, 2017.

Amazon deliver failures
As these were Christmas presents, when they didn’t show on Christmas Eve…well…it was time to scramble.

The insulated water bottle was for a niece, the other for adults. The adults can wait, but my 12 year old niece, I’m not going to let Amazon do this to her.

So I got to run out on Christmas Eve and do some scramble shopping…my least favorite kind of shopping.

Now I just can’t wait for my item to arrive so I can sent it back.

The next failure – if anyone is keeping track this would be Amazon Failure #7 of the 2016 Christmas season – was this basketball jersey.

As you can see by the screen shot taken Jan 4, 2017, it has not arrived.

But actually it has. We got it on Dec 30, 2016. Yet Amazon has no clue about this.

The bonus is it looks to be a fake. Yep, look real, except for all the stray thread, but is was delivered via China Post.

Maybe I’m wrong, but how often does an official NBA Adidas item get delivered straight from China?

Amazon deliver failures
Don’t you just love that arrival range? It is less than a month variable…which is nice.

So, Amazon, maybe, just maybe rather than trying to start a cargo airline or trying to deliver via drone (who cares), maybe you should focus on your logistics system first.

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