I decided to sign up for DirecTVNow and test it out.

Yep, I’m tired of paying $100+ a month for cable.

If it stays true that $35 a month for DirecTVNow for the second-from-the-top tier continues, this seems like a great deal.

Note: It isn’t Direct TV Now, there is only one “T”. So DirecTVNow.

Anyhow, I signed up yesterday.

The channel selection is solid.
You can look back 72 hours and watch previously shown shows, but there is not DVR capability (yet).
I use DVR quite a bit, so this could be an issue.

I’m watching on my PC, while doing other work.
I have a strong internet connection.
I’ll say, so far the streaming is ok, but not great.
Some choppiness yesterday.

Today I was watching a show from yesterday.
The feed froze and said I needed to refresh.
Once refreshed it played again, but from the beginning.
This wouldn’t be an issue, except you can’t fast forward a show you are watching from the past.
So…it is an issue.
This happened twice, so I’m done trying to watch this show in the past.

Basing the stream on what I usually stream, which is Amazon Prime, it is pretty bad.
I never have issues with Prime. Never.
This DirecTVNow so far is questionable.

Stay tuned for more…

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