Here’s the situation: I’ve had a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro for a few years. i7 top of the line model. It has been a great machine.

This laptop came with Win8 on it. Never had a problem.

With the upgrade to Windows 10 came all the great changes to Windows, but one inconsistent problem: many times when the machine was in sleep mode, then upon wakeup, the Yoga would lock, be unresponsive then go to the BSOD.

The original fix was to disable the images that scroll around on the lock screen.

That seemed to work, but then the latest Win10 update changed that lockscreen, and that previous fix no longer prevented the images.

The machine freezing began again.

In fact, twice in one day really pissed me off, so I decided to take this seriously and figure out what’s going on.

A look at the system event logs leading up to the two BSODs showed a consistent series of errors.

Fix for Yoga 2 Pro BSOD
The DistributedCOM error is what I focused on.

After some searching I came across a potential fix.

It appears this is a permissions issue.

Below are the steps I followed.

BSOD fix for Lenova Yoga 2 Pro
Note is steps B/C it should say “Computers” vs. Computer
No More BSOD on Yoga 2 Pro
Right Click My Computer then click Properties
Lenova Yoga 2 Pro BSOD fix
The next step involves typing “network” into the search windows then click “Check Names” and NETWORK SERVICE will appear.

Click OK and follows the last few steps.

After that, reboot your computer.

It has bees 3 days since I did this, and not a one BSOD.

Fixed BSOD for Yoga 2 Pro
One thought on “Yoga 2 Pro BSOD [Solved]
  1. Ken says:

    Sorry I don’t think this is it. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro also have issues with the BIOS. In our case we had to update the BIOS

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