The EHR Disconnect

A few days ago, one of my children had to visit the emergency room. Sparing the drama, there was a need to see a specialist and have an ultrasound accomplished. A urine sample was also taken, but we were told we could leave before the results were found. In the day of electronic health record Read More

Flight Box XM WX Compared

FlightBox is a DIY-ish ADS-B solution based on the Stratux open source project. You can read my first use impression here. Last week I put my FlighBox / AVNav EFB (Android) through a rigorous test flying from the east coast to Colorado. For a quick review of my equipment: Single engine aircraft Garmin GNS430 Aspen Read More

Taming the ADS-Beast

Oh yes, I came up with that title while cleaning some goo out of my smoker…just made some tasty ribs. Anyhow, in general aviation, ADS-B is a thing…a looming thing. My current setup is this – GNS430 (not WAAS), old King transponder, Aspen 1000 unit that receives XM WX. I’ve been looking at what to Read More