I like tech.
I don’t want tech to do everything for me.

Whether the fear of the movie Wall-e or remembering my English teach aunt who wouldn’t use a calculator to figure test score percentages because she said calculators made her mind turn to mush…

…I don’t want tech everywhere.

Smart watch? Sure, but not yet.
Fitness tracker? Whatever.
Smart Fridge? No.
Smart phone? Yes, but not too many apps.
Smart umbrella? Hell no.

Come on folks, a smart umbrella, so smart it tells you when it will rain.

What will they think of next?

Remember folks, if you stop using your brain, it will turn to mush.

One thought on “Smart Devices Jump the Shark
  1. RJ says:

    I agree completely….seems when a new product comes along, they try to improve upon it which is ok but then when they get it right, then the engineers don’t want to become idle. So they redesign it and then it has too many options and becomes a bloated pig.

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