I’m a flip-flopper on this topic. On the one hand I don’t want anyone to see my stuff, whether on my phone or in my house.

The thing is, a court order can make me show law enforcement stuff in my house. So…why wouldn’t the same logic apply to my phone?

Apple is also a flip-flopper on this topic.
First, we don’t know what back door access Apple has given the Chinese government.
Second, Apple is more than happy to give law enforcement what is backed up to the iCloud.
So, why this situation?
Apple says you can’t touch data on the phone, but once backed up to their servers, it is then OK?
Seems to me either Apple is for or against, no against, unless….

Anyhow, finally someone else is asking this question. Walt Mossberg just wrote about this very top.

I’m not the biggest Mossberg fan, but this is a good read.

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