Wow, I never realized how many sports talking heads actually paid attention to professional tennis.

Normally tennis gets…at most…a mere mention and usually that guffaw while spending whopping 23 seconds on a tennis mention from all the sports talk pros out there.

Yep. Nothing. Nil. Love.

Never worried about where the next great American tennis player may be.
Never worried about why the US seems behind 3rd world countries in top tennis pro development.
Never worried about tennis.

But wait…what’s that smell?
Is that the smell of controversy?
Nope it can’t be. Tennis just doesn’t get talked about.
Oh, BUT some old white guy just stuck his foot in his mouth, this must be good.

I can’t believe (well, yes I can) how suddenly excited about tennis the sports goons are suddenly…when something ugly happens.

First Sharapova admits to taking medicine she shouldn’t have. But, she’s a looker, so…it’s really not that big a deal.

Now, some old crusty guy that runs the Indian Well tennis tournament, one of the biggest that isn’t a major, has said some idiotic things.
Oh NOW they’ll talk tennis.
Specifically Steve Gorman Sports (@SGSFOX). I actually like listening to him. Apparently he is also the drummer for Black Crowes, a band I like.
I think his brother is also on this show.
Anyhow, I enjoy listening.
Today, not so much.
I got to listen to Steve, such the gentleman, berate the CEO of the Indian Wells tennis tourney.
Oh he went on and on. He is so in touch with tennis.
Like how the WTA plays in middle eastern countries that squash women daily.
Like how the WTA is sponsored by a middle eastern county company that well, you know the rest.

I’ve wondered for months why the women of the WTA will play in locations with pitiful women’s rights…with sponsors in countries with pitiful women’s rights.
But they did and they do.

Now, we have an old white guy say some stupid things that outrages the foul weather fan.

I don’t know, but he’s been CEO of the Indian Wells tournament for quite some time.
Is is possible that he knows something the sports talking heads don’t?

Oh, the equal pay for equal work thing definitely came out.
But wait, if the prize money in a tennis major is the same for men and women…but the men play 3 out of 5 sets but the women play 2 out of 3…equal?

What about the WTA tournaments where they get to have their coach come out on the court during the match?

How’s the pay for women sports personalities Gorman?

I don’t know, but I do know this.

Men’s college tennis, Division 1 has 9 slots.
4.5 scholarships.

Women’s college tennis, Division 1 has 9 slots.
9 scholarships.

Is sports radio saving air time for the women?
Trying to “equalize” things by giving the women more money and airtime Steve Gorman?



That’s what it’s all about.

Right Steve?

So, when a storm is brewing, might as well hop on that train and make the most of things.

Pitiful foul weather fans.

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