Well, for the game, on the one hand at the end if felt almost boring.
First have solid defensive game and exciting.
Second have, not as exciting, but I kept waiting for Cam to wiggle free as he does and throw a bomb for a touchdown.
I expect it to happen, but it didn’t.

Still exciting game.

Super Bowl Commercials.
They stunk.
There were 3 worth mentioning:
1) Amazon Echo commercial was great…though I don’t want an Echo
2) Honda pickup with sheep was great…though I don’t want a Honda pickup
3) Weathertech floor mats commercial was very good…both of my vehicles already have weathertech floor mats.

Rather surprised, other than the above, how lame the Super Bowl commercials were this year.
There were quite a few commercials for TV shows.
Even though the claim is the ads were sold out well in advance, I wonder if that were really the case, would we see that many “in-house” commercials for the TV shows.

I almost forgot about halftime…odd.
Cold Play is Ok. But, the fact that Beyonce and Bruno Mars had to be part of it tells me either Cold Play just isn’t that exciting, or….

Had I not read about the whole Black Panther thing later, I’d have never realized it.
I did think the outfit Beyonce wore was not attractive on her.
I also find it hypocritical for her to enjoy a police escort to the game…for her convenience, and then as she did.

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