Have had this Netgear N7000 for a bit over a year. It is a great solid router. Nice strong wifi.

Last week there was an email notification of a firmware update.

Thinking that there must be something nice in that new firmware that will make things just a bit better, I went to update.

Strange thing was, it had already been done. Not by anyone in the family, but it seems, automatically.

Unless, of course, I did it and forgot…not likely, but still possible.

Anyhow, over the weekend our internet connection got funky.
Wired wouldn’t work, but wireless would.
Then wireless wouldn’t work.
All around general craziness that I wanted to blame on my internet provider.

Then I decided to do some research.
I found on the netgear site that I wasn’t the only one having issues with this latest firmware update.

I decided to revert to an earlier version. Of course, netgear didn’t have the previous version online, just on about 3 versions old.

Still…must be better, right?


Reflashed the new firmware and presto, things back to normal.

Now 2 days later and we have normal internet in the house.

I will say this, as a poster on the netgear site stated, if your firmware version works, why change?


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