Yep, getting old sucks.
As I have aged, I fought having to get readers.
I fought…and fought.
Then, I relented.
Wow, what a difference.
So, now I can read much easier…that is…if I can find my readers.
To fix that I usually buy a multi-pack of readers and leave a pair just about anywhere in the house and in each vehicle.
Still, I find myself in a store, or just somewhere needing to read ridiculously small print in dim light (hello restaurants!).
Somewhere I stumbled across this pair of reading glasses that are thin, and durable. They attach to your nose with little effort.
I figured I’d try them.
But I first had to get over the price.
These things are about $25. Heck for that I can get a 10 pack of readers.
It is worth noting, these readers have a life time warranty.
Anyhow, I’ve now used them a few weeks and they are great.
They do clip easily to my nose…and stay there. I still consider them a backup to my regular readers, but these I carry easily in my pocket, and they’ll even stick to your phone case…so you always (almost always) have them handy.
I say they are worth it.

I got the clear pair with the black case.  My next pair will have some color to the frame to make them easier to find when I put them down.  Also, I will get the clear case which actually has a white backing which is also easier to find than the all black case I have.

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