Yep, I’ve got a Moto-X second generation. I got the bamboo back. I’m not big on fat cases. With this bamboo back I want no case if possible.

So if you’re familiar with the Moto-X (or the Nexus 6), you’ll know it is a sweet rig. The edges of the phone are very thin. I’d actually prefer the side edges be some sort of grippy something-a-rother, but instead it is metal, since all the phone snobs out there mandate this.

This makes for a strange challenge – not as much grip as one might want.

The solution is a small case. The solution is a bumper case. Basically, as small a case as possible, not really to provide protection, but to provide gription. Sure, there is some protection.

So I searched up and down. Much of what I found was for the Moto-X 1st generation. Who is still selling cases for the 1st gen??

Anyway, most of what I found was a full case. Not what I wanted. I something to give a little more grip. Not added bulk. No covering of my bamboo.

I finally found what I believe to be the perfect Moto-X bumper case.

It is thin.  It still shows off the back.  It gives extra grip that I was looking for.

The picture to the right doesn’t do it justice, this case is small enough that it doesn’t get caught as you slide it in/out of your pocket, yet really ads a nice amount of grip.

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