Daily Christmas Card

For some reason I just realized this year that Facebook is just like a daily Christmas card. You know, some people send with their Christmas card an update on their family from the previous year. It is generally a nice page long update, sometimes with pictures. Well, that is what Facebook is…the daily, even hourly Read More

The Kobe Tiger Parallel

I never really thought about it. But reading this morning how Tiger isn’t sure when or if he is coming back… Then seeing the Lakers’ results it clicked. Kobe Bryant, at one point the best basketball player in the game, now… Tiger Woods, at one point the best golfer in the game, now… They both Read More

Best Reading Glasses

Yep, getting old sucks. As I have aged, I fought having to get readers. I fought…and fought. Then, I relented. Wow, what a difference. So, now I can read much easier…that is…if I can find my readers. To fix that I usually buy a multi-pack of readers and leave a pair just about anywhere in Read More

Cecil the Lion is not policital

So this dentist who killed Cecil the lion sure screwed up. It is a sad situation that this lion was killed. Just as sad is the attempt by the media to make this somehow political. The Hill.com has had one of their minions search electoral records of donations to see if the idiot dentist donated Read More

Technology and Traveling Abroad

I just traveled to Europe and had a great time. I got lazy before going.  I figured with my smart phone I wouldn’t need any maps or a translation book. Wrong. I did setup a data plan for Europe—it ain’t cheap. The fact that I was quite limited in my data made me use my Read More