I often wondered why the U.S. Post Office was a sponsor of a bicycling team.

It never made sense to me.  Cycling is a mainly European sport…how does it make sense to be a sponsor…even soccer makes more sense, but barely.

Now, I see in the headlines that the Postal Service Chairman, Ruth Goldway, is spending big bucks on travel…for her.

Rio de Janeiro, Doha, Bern…all places that make no sense, especially in a “business” that is struggling.

According to the article, Goldway has been on the Postal Commission since 1998 and has been chairman since 2009.

I wondered if she might have been in on the brilliant cycling sponsorship deal, but it appears she wasn’t as that deal was inked back in 1996 according to another article on this topic.

I can’t stand buffoonery, especially in government.

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