I’m not one who will camp out over night for any gadget…even though I really like gadgets.

It truly amazes me when a company has people ready to give them money…yet that company makes it difficult to hand over that money.

We are talking cellphones here…I mean smart phones…and specifically the Motorola Moto-X.

I’ve gone through the online customization build process on MotoMaker.com twice now.  Granted, it doesn’t take long, but after the first time the site hung on me and I gave up.

A week later I went through the process again and got annoyed when Verizon (with whom I’ve had and account for…10+ years) wanted to run a credit check on me.

Now, let me be clear: This isn’t a new account, this is upgrading my phone on my current account – why a credit check??
So, I left that process.

Next I stopped into a Verizon store, but apparently not a great one.  I asked to see the Moto-X and they pointed me to that area.  What they had was last years’ model…and they didn’t even know it.

So I left.

A few weeks later I stopped into what I believe to be a corporate Verizon store.  Ooh, and they have the bamboo back Moto-X, just what I’m looking for…how long is the wait?  30 minutes?

So I left.

Today I was near one of the other corporate Verizon stores.  They, too, have the bamboo backed Moto-X.  I gave my name, waited 15 minutes, then asked how much longer.  Her look said it all.

So I left.

Yep, I’ve spent upwards of a month “trying” to buy a Moto-X.

Strange that this should be so difficult.

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